Living Together While Going Through a Divorce

There are few events in life more devastating than divorce. Whether you saw it coming, initiated the separation yourself, or were blindsided by your spouse, the reality is that your marriage is over, and the next chapter of your life is about to begin.

Depending on your situation, you may have to live with your soon-to-be ex-spouse for several weeks or even months. While it is understandable that emotions will be running high, it is vital to your mental health as well as your divorce case that you keep a cool head and focus on the future.

To that end, here are a few tips on how to successfully survive living with a spouse you are divorcing:

      • Define your own space. At one point, your house was common grounds. That arrangement is likely not going to work anymore. To avoid daily conflicts, you and your spouse need to define your own personal space in the now-defunct marital home. You may also want to lay out a schedule for when communal rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, and living room can be accessed by each party. While this first step may seem simple and obvious, it can immediately help to set the tone for the remainder of the separation while also helping the reality of the situation sink in for a spouse who may be in denial.
      • Allocate parenting duties. No one suffers more in a divorce than minor children. To minimize disputes and ensure a healthy routine continues in the household, you must allocate parenting duties. Start by writing a list of all the responsibilities involved in child-rearing. Next, ask your spouse which tasks they would like to handle — be ready to compromise, and remember, this is for your children as much as it is for you.
      • Figure out finances. Who is paying the rent or mortgage? What about the utilities and taxes? Car payments? Schooling? Groceries? Make a list of all household expenses so that you have a clear picture of how much money is coming in and out, and how it will be affected by the separation. You may want to start dividing basic expenses in half immediately.
      • Respect each other. Look, nobody said this would be easy. However, if you are going to get through the divorce with your sanity intact, it is important that you respect each other.

A contested divorce can be expensive, emotional, and drawn out. To divorce quickly and affordably, consult with a Norman, Oklahoma family law attorney about filing uncontested.

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