Signs of Parental Alienation in Norman, Oklahoma

Parental alienation occurs when a parent mentally manipulates a child against another parent. Minor children are impressionable, and, in some cases, the abusing parent may use intimidation, hostility, or fear to lay the foundation for disaffection. Should you believe that your ex-spouse is engaging in parental alienation against you, a grandparent, or another relative, contact an experienced family law attorney to find out what legal options may be available.

Some of the most common signs that a child is the victim of parental alienation include:

      • Child requests the parent not to be present for events. Has your child suddenly asked that you not attend their soccer game, dance recital, or karate tournament? In many parental alienation cases, this is the first indication that something is awry. Resist the urge to ask your child directly about what is going on. Instead, contact your ex directly to get the bottom of the situation.
      • Requesting information from the child on the other parent’s personal life. Your son or daughter is not your personal spy. Asking your child about your ex’s personal life can interfere with their child-parent bond. If your child suddenly becomes nosey about your personal life, your ex may be manipulating them to gain “dirt” on you.
      • Forcing the child to choose which parent they want to visit. Divorce is traumatic for minor children. Once you and your spouse are separated, it is important that you continue to foster a healthy relationship with them. This means treating your ex with respect and not asking your child to choose whom they want to visit. Set up an equal parenting schedule and stick to it so that your child understands how important each parent is in their life.
      • Blaming parent for financial struggles and other changes in lifestyle in front of the child. Post-divorce, things can be tough, especially financially. However, you need to be strong and not blame your ex for your financial troubles or difficulty in your personal life. Never talk badly about your ex — remember, that is your child’s mother or father! Negative comments can severely damage the parental bond for years to come.
      • Making false and dangerous allegations of violence, sexual abuse, drug/alcohol abuse, and other illegal activities. You may hate your ex with a passion. But if you have kids, you need to be a bigger person for their sake. Do not try to taint the relationship your child has with your ex by making fraudulent claims of violence, sexual abuse, or drug abuse. Such remarks are defamatory and can result in dire consequences.

Divorce can be emotionally and financially devastating. However, for the sake of your children, you need to hold it together and respect your ex. To help you navigate the complex family law system, consult with a skilled Norman, Oklahoma family law attorney as soon as possible.

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