Negotiating Child Custody in a High Conflict Divorce in Norman, Oklahoma

No issue is more fiercely contested during divorce than child custody. In many cases, conflict occurs because both parents feel they know what is best for the child. If you are involved in a highly contested divorce, you must retain the services of an experienced family law attorney. A seasoned lawyer understands that divorce can severely impact the mental and emotional health of kids and will always place the needs of children first.

Characteristics of a high conflict divorce in Norman, Oklahoma

Marriages fail for a variety of reasons. Regardless of what led to your divorce, it is in your child’s best interests that you settle things amicably. However, if you and/or your spouse have a high-conflict personality, things may get heated very fast.

Some of the characteristics of a high-conflict divorce include:

      • Every disagreement is escalated. Now that your divorce is underway, the goal should be to part ways as quickly, painlessly, and affordably as possible. Unfortunately, some spouses will seek to exacerbate every single disagreement, no matter how minor or easily resolved it might be.
      • Emotional reactions are explosive. It is understandable that emotions will be running high during a divorce. However, a parent who has frequent and uncontrollable outbursts will be difficult to communicate with.
      • Parents blame each other for everything. It takes two to tango. A parent who blames the other for everything while taking no responsibility for the conflicts of the past and present may be toxic and difficult to handle.
      • Either parent lacks empathy. For most people, divorce is emotional. However, some people can feign empathy during a marriage, and then, when separation is on the table, suddenly become uncaring and self-absorbed.
      • Either parent is vindictive. Divorce is painful. However, parents should focus on resolving issues and starting the next chapter. A parent who displays vindictive or spiteful behavior against the other parent has a high-conflict personality that can be detrimental to your child’s health.

High-conflict personalities often lead to high-conflict divorces, especially when custody is on the table. Yet, even the most challenging family law disputes can be resolved through careful negotiations.

Determining the right approach for resolution

If your divorce starts contested, it does not necessarily have to end that way. To identify the best solution, first, you need to determine why the divorce is contested. In some custody disputes, there is simply a lack of information. In such cases, a comprehensive parenting schedule may be all that is needed. Other cases stem from infidelity or accusations of parental abuse and will require more in-depth counseling. A Norman, Oklahoma family law attorney can review your custody conflict and determine the best way to negotiate a custody plan that protects your child’s health while preserving their relationship with both parents.

Contact a highly qualified Oklahoma divorce lawyer

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